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Profile: Vittorio Ficaccio
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Vittorio Ficaccio
#21 Vittorio Ficaccio
Forward (Shoots: R)
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 160 lbs
Born: 1996
Hometown: Calgary, Alberta
2017 (R)28538280000
(R) Regular Season
(P) Playoffs
GAA based on a 60 minute game
Worth Noting

My name is Vittorio Ficaccio. Ive played out the last 2 seasons in the WSHL, on a total of 4 different teams. I'm a 96' looking for a team in the GMHL to call home for this upcoming 2017-2018 season. I am a veteran presence and a natural born leader. I have rewritten my own off ice training regime, putting heavy emphasis in flexibility and mobility with strength and HIIT (high intensity interval training) and plan on coming into this upcoming season in the best shape ive ever been in. Flexibility and mobility are the only components I have neglected in my past, as I didnt fully understand the depth of their importance. I plan on leading whatever team I end up on to the championship, and nothing less. I've been close to championships before, but plan on accepting nothing less for my final junior season before pro or college. I've lived all over the mid to west united states playing in multiple divisions with many different roles, meeting many great people and experiencing everything there is to experience at the junior level. I am very serious about my commitment to winning, and doing everything in my power and taking every step necessary to reaching my goal of achieving a championship, this season. If you feel you could use me in a leadership role with your team feel free to text me at (403) 472-9661 or an email back and we can set up a time to get on the phone to discuss things further. I love the look of your program and the location. I have many questions and Id love to talk about the future with your team. I would be honoured to play for your program, and I'm looking forward to further conversations.  Thanks in advance,  Vittorio Ficaccio